Monday, March 30, 2020

On the plus side, I’m not a picky eater

I ate a 6 foot leash and had to have it removed by the vet. Three weeks later, I ate a shower curtain.

Stolen Candy Bar

Scooby stole my candy bar and ate part of it while I took a bath.

Share Your Silly Pet Videos and Photos With Us!

Have you ever seen anything cuter than this dog and cat cuddle session? Submitted by @liv.and.leo We get it, not everyone loves eating their greens....

Taste-test Concludes: February Least Filling

Chewie is living up to his name on the daily and was especially proud of chomping on his dog shaming pals.

What U Snackin’ on, Willis?

I steal cookies from little kids in strollers and run away-WILLIS

This Fox Wasn’t Quick Enough

I beheaded my toy and removed its brain…I do it to all my toys…The bunnies are my next victim!They say I’m lucky I’m so...

Bovine Business Calls

I moo like a cow when my human is on business calls.

Self-Sufficiency Level: UNLOCKED

Darcey tore up the screen door, and now she uses it to go in and out.

Sleep Away Camp Near Miss

Our puppy literally ate our daughter’s camp paperwork on the ride to camp.

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